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Default CAPTCHA focus stealing

Maybe this is related to the other focus thread, maybe not; feel free to merge.

The problem is that when a captcha appears, it seems to generate a main window redraw. I'm not sure what happens or how to describe it, but the symptoms are:

0) There's a flash of all open windows

1) The JD main window, as well as the CAPTCHA window, moves to the active workspace in Linux. Not long ago it used to stay in the workspace where it was started.

2) The JD window disappears under xpra (, which really sucks for me. xpra is a remote desktop technology that runs X apps in a "virtual" display. You can show that virtual display anywhere. So if I'm home I can show it on screen, if I'm at my girlfriend I can issue "xpra attach" and it shows up on her computer. But now I can't use it anymore.

This has started happening around 2 weeks ago at most. Any ideas on what's happening?

PS. To try xpra:

xpra start :5; DISPLAY=:5 java -jar /opt/JDownloader2/JDownloader.jar
xpra attach
(the last attach command is client side, so you issue it wherever you are)

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