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Originally Posted by coalado View Post
Are you sure? There is a difference between "Window is on top" and "Window has focus"

If the Captchawindow has focus, the Textfield is flashing (Caret is flashing)

I guess, that GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings.focustriggerforcaptchadialogs is not set corretly.

Please check the setting for GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings.focustriggerforcaptchadialogs
I checked the setting and it's set to "MAINFRAME_IS_MAXIMIZED".

I tested it a little more and found out it's a different if JD is minimized to Taskbar or to Tray.
When it's minimized to Taskbar the Captcha Frame is only on top but not in focus.
But if it is minimized to Tray it has the focus! There are two things to proof it:
1. If I click into the input box (no typing before) nothing is changing (behavior of second point) only if I click a second time (not double click!) it behaves normal (blinking bar, appearing what I'm writing).
2. As I already described: When the frame comes I type something and it doesn't appear anywhere. Then I click on the frame (one time and no typing afterwards) and it suddenly appears in the input box.

If JD is not minimized, everything is behaving normal.

If you need some more information, just let me know ;-)
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