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Default new downloaded files get lost when an older same named package is deleted.

Sorry for the name of the thread. I'll try to explain it as my best:

I was downloading a 12 items package when number 9 became offline, so I finished all but this #9. Then I kept the package in download tab and the corresponding folder in my drive for a while. Days later the uploader gave me a new link for the missing one, I picked it and put it to download. i think it should have to be added automaticaly to the previous package with same name (or ask me what to do at least). Instead of this, it started in download tab into a new different package but using the same name than the original one. Inmediately I noticed a new .part file appeared in my original folder, along with its previously downloaded bros (fine with this). At this point I delete the older package from the list while the new package continues downloading, but the .part file (from the running download) disappeared in the same moment I deleted the older pack. Then, the download of the new package continues to the end, but the downloaded file can't be find anywhere.

any idea about where this file went? do u ack the bug?

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