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Not really a bug but something that annoys me. Been using Jd beta since 547 and just updated to RC1 and now you got RC2 which is great.

But here is what annoys me, i usually click the minimize button and have Jd go to my tray but when i double click the icon to restore it it shows up on the taskbar as minimized and then i have to click on that to actually restore the window. So when you double click on the icon can you have it restore the full window and not have it minimized in the taskbar.

EDIT: It seems that it works as it should and restores the full window when you have nothing open. But when you have something open like firefox and you double click the tray icon it opens minimized in the taskbar, so i guess it is a small bug. But its weird if firefox is open but minimized Jd restores fine but if firefox is open and the active window then Jd restores to the taskbar minimized. Like Jd dose not become the active window if something else is open, Looks like Jd is shy of the other application?

Another thing i have noticed which used to work in 0.4, When using firefox and the Jd addon i always highlight my links and and go to Jd section and click download selected links and in 0.4 it would open up link grabber and i can make changes etc. But now when i click "download selected links" it doesn't open anything yet when i restore the Jd window it on the linkgrabber tab and working just as it should. The only thing is that Jd should pop up so that yo know the links are added in stead of manually opening it. This might get fixed is the first thing is fixed as they seem very similar

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