Thread: [Solved in JD2] 200% font size
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1) JD needs a larger window (more pixels) than you can get on most older televisions. As with any program, you have to trade-off the text size with the window size.

2) Your Graphic Adapter software should allow you to change font size based on the device you have attached. You might have to update the software. You might want to install software that allows you to pan the "Viewport" (visible part of the screen).

3) Use the top line (bar) of JD to move the JD window left and right so that the desired setting can be adjusted. You might try using the "Maximize" button. You can also change the window size vertically (JD will provide a vertical scroll bar.

JD does not have horizontal scrollbars. This is a known user interface problem in JD (in the Bugtracker). It will be fixed in a future release (not the next major release).
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