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Even premium accounts have a limited speed per connection imposed by the host. Try increasing your Max.Chunks to 3 and see if that helps. It is usually better to increase the number of parallel files downloading than Max.Chunks (less overhead).

Also, make sure you are not mixing bits with Bytes. Charter Communications (cable) reports in Mega-bits, but most programs report in Mega-Bytes. However, your cable company probably allows a "speed boost" for large files during non-peak hours (between 25Mbps and 30Mbps).

A 15 Mbps (mega-bits per second) connection is approximately a 1.7 MiBps (mega-bytes per second) connection (8 bits per byte plus 0.75 bits per byte for overhead).

I am running several programs on my 12Mbps internet connection (AT&T VDSL) and downloading 1.3 to 1.4 MBps of data (as expected).

Please read about Optimizing your internet connection in the Self Help Guide. There is also a detailed discussion about Optimizing the number of connections.
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