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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
2.) what toolbar icon? if you mean trayicon..mouse must be within the opened popup or it will autoclose

If the trayicon is the icon that appears at the upper left of my screen next to all my other icons and Day/Time / Spotlight, then yes that icon.

It works if I click it with JD as the active app.

If I'm in another app and click it, the menu drops down and none of the items highlight even though I'm rolling over them and even though I'm within the menu it auto-closes. I have to click within the menu itself to bring it forward so it works like when JD is the active app.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
3.) select link, ctrl+c (copy) and paste in browser (not always possible)
3.1.) rightclick, properties, show urls
3.2.) we will add open in browser again
Confirmed that works with Command-C, just a little hidden away without seeing a menu and the indicator next to it of a current hotkey. Yeah, I found 3.1 on my own, but it was a bit awkward to get to and use, so good to see 3.2 will bring it back.