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Sorry this is so long, but it is mostly initial reactions. This is the first time I have loaded more than one link at a time into the Beta.

Environment: Windows (seven sp 1, with all Microsoft updates except Bing desktop). Java 6u30 (6u31 did not work properly for me with Nightly).
Antivirus and firewall totally open for Java (MS Security Essentials and Comodo firewall).
JD beta version (just updated at the beginning of this session): Core=16632

1) Sorting by Availability does not always sort numerically. It sorts 1/1, 10/10, 2/2 ... This might be true of other numeric columns.

2) Sorting by Progress (high to low) puts 100% at the bottom. This seems to alternate (every 4 clicks on heading).

3) I am confused by the "Active Task" column. One package with 2 links downloading (2 hosts) is marked as "Running". Another with only 1 link downloading is not.

4) Putting the movement arrows (when activated in the Advanced Options) on the bottom is a surprise. It is fine, but the arrows do not appear in LinkGrabber (where I really need them).

5) The incomplete archive warning dialogue when transferring packages from LinkGrabber to Downloads is an important improvement. However, it would really help to have a way to transfer only "legal" or "complete" packages (perhaps a button in the dialogue). This became a problem, because I was trying to transfer my links from Nightly to Beta (very large links list, about 19K links).

6) Please do not use "File already exists" for mirrors.
a) The file does not exist, a temporary file exists.
b) "File being downloaded from xxxxxxx" would be much better. Even "Mirror downloading" would be better. This would also make it clear that a failure in the current download would re-enable the mirrors.
c) The Progress column should show 0% for mirrors that are not actually downloaded (or downloading).

7) Hosts (not "Hosters" in English) are only indicated by Favicons, not by names. The name should appear, at least if there is only one host to list. The actual host names are shown in the ToolTip, so I know JD has them.

8) Return of the "Do not start new downloads" toggle (icon) would be high on my priority list.
a) The "Stop after this download" does not make sense to me (if that download ends first, then all other downloads would terminate). It only makes sense if all other downloads are resumable.
b) A "Stop all resumable downloads" command would be a "nice to have" (maybe in a menu or context menu of "Do not start new Downloads").

9) I would remove several columns from the default for Downloads. This is especially true of Comment and Save to.
a) The maximum width for the Name column is too small for my downloads. Maybe 50% of the width.
b) A ToolTip should appear for every column, including Name.

10) Bug: When a package is "Finished" then the "Remaining" column must be 0. Instead, in a multi-part archive, it appears to be the size of the last archive portion to be downloaded). Please see the screen dump.
a) 19-05-2010: Mirrors of completed downloads (or extracts) should not be marked as if those links were completed. It would be better to have the Active Task, Bytes Left and Bytes Loaded correct, but mark the files that were not downloaded as "Mirror" in the Active Task column. Columns like Bytes Left, Bytes Loaded, and progress would not be changed from their original values. The package would show "Finished", Bytes Left=0, Bytes Loaded=(total loaded), and Progress as 100%.

11) I implore you to change the column sorting for packages to a context menu command and remove the "Click on tab to sort" feature. I realize that this means capturing the Click on Tab for the base Grid structure in order to disable the sort feature.

12) Opinion regarding the discussion above. Once a user has clicked on the name of a menu or opened a context menu, the menu should stay open until the user clicks on a command or outside the menu.
a) Menu auto-open (hover xx ms to open) should be an option.
b) When auto-open is enabled, the menu should stay open until the pointer is moved outside the menu (no auto-close after yy ms).

13) Opinion regarding the discussion above. At least in Windows, finding a good number to use for minimum available disk space is very difficult. 512 MB is reasonable for most systems, but the message is probably confusing.
a) One solution is to require that the available space be 3 times the size of the file being downloaded if it is an archive and twice if it is a file JD just saves.
b) The default (WinNT and later) is to assign around 10% of the total disk space each to Disk Log/System Restore, Recycle Bin, and MFT expansion. There are various ways to change these (some are tricks, some are system settings). Most programs will not work when all that is left is the MFT expansion (NTFS reserve) space.
c) The normal advice is to warn the user when available disk space goes below 10% (ignoring whether the Recycle Bin is empty or whether System Restore is enabled on the partition that is being downloaded into).
__________________ 19.05.2012 __________________

14) If all of the links in a package are in Host Wait Time (New Icon is nice) and none of the links are off-line, then the Availability column should show Wait Time (or Host Wait Time if it fits). Showing 0/1 because the link is in wait is confusing.

15) I had archives that would not extract, because I had not filled-in the Password List in the options. The status showed as a red check mark, but there was no explanation. The mirror links are enabled, so that JD can try to download a working copy (which is the correct response).
a) From the behaviour and the results of "Validate Archive" it appears that the extraction failure is blamed on a missing part, not a missing password. The actual error is not displayed anywhere (except perhaps in the log). JD should retry extraction when the user requests (in the Archive context menu), but it does not.

16) I think we will need to show Problems somewhere (either on the Status line, a status panel, as an additional line when a package is opened, or a line when the context menu is opened). See (15).

17) I set a maximum download speed of 80KB/s to avoid exceeding my ISP's monthly bandwidth limit. When I tried the Pause toggle, it slowed to 10KB/s (as it should). When I turned off Pause, it reset the maximum download speed to 0 (unlimited) instead of returning it to 80.

18) An incomplete archive (missing volumes) can never be "Finished". It is "Downloaded", but it is not finished until it is extracted successfully.

For some issues, I am in Wait and See mode. Some of the system is not yet in place.
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