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Default CaptchaAlert not play the sound that I choose

First of all I thank you for creating this application so useful, as is the CaptchaAlert.
I confirm that I am using in the operating system Windows 7 32 bit and it works fine.

But the problem I'm having to configure the. CaptchaAlert ini to play the sound. Wav that I chose and I can not do. I tested my putting. Wav file in different locations or folders, then configure the file path Wav file. CaptchaAlert ini and not play the sound that I set.

The file path. Wav's configure as follows in the. Ini:
C:\Archivos Portables\CaptchaAlert15\CaptchaAlert.wav

I also tried putting me Wav file on disk C and setting the path as follows:

And even so, not getting the achievement CaptchaAlert delivers sound I want.

I hope you can help me solve this problem so that the CaptchaAlert if playing the sound Wav that I like and that I choose.

I expect a prompt response from you.

Fabian from Argentina.
Best regards.
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