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First of all - thank you so very much for this extremely useful tool! I love it! Please excuse my writing - my first language is german.

I'd be interested in the Source-Code so i have an example to learn from. You can be shure that im not gonna spread that - this ist only for my own education.

I code (very) small programs every once in a while if there is a need for that. Last thing was a Batch file that reminds me to activate an external drive every time when i want to start the JDownloader and then starts the JDownloader.

I used to forget that and ran into trouble because the File could'nt be saved and then i had to wait an hour for the next download...x)

If someone is interested here's the code:

MsgBox "Attention!"&chr(13)&chr(13)&"Start external Drive !!!"&chr(13)&chr(13)&"Press enter to start JDownloader !"
strProgramPath = "C:\progra~2\JDownloader\jdownloader.exe"
set objShell = createobject("Wscript.Shell")
objShell.Run strProgramPath

Forgot: Save it as JD_Info.vbs

It took me days of research until it finally worked - please don't laugh...

Registered today - nice to be here !

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