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Default Bug: The premium host list refreshes periodically

1) I know this is supposed to be a feature, but this causes the premium hosts to be disabled (as premium) while it is being updated ("Loading Information").

Recommended fix:
Only refresh premium/registered information with the host when there is an error.

2) In addition, loading the information for a premium host often fails ( This API for responding to premium requests probably has the lowest priority within the HTTP processor (Apache, and so on).

This error occurs from time to time with all of my registered or premium hosts (including Zevera).

Recommendation: On, retry after 1 second, with back-off (1000ms, 1500ms, 2250 ms, and so on). This type of back-off should be used for all retry attempts (consistent with internet standards).

Log ID:
21.03.14 17.34.19to21.03.14 17.47.46 jdlog://2397266335931/
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