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Have you tried without your socks5 proxy?


I found your existing ticket and read the history between you and Jiaz since my original reply, and your latest logs in support ticket and here contain the use of proxy. The only way accounts would use proxy to start with over your default connection if the 'default connection' drop down menu was set to given proxy. As we do not normally use proxy for account data, and if so it needs to be one proxy vs multiple otherwise your account could be flagged for account sharing due to proxy rotation and subsequent various IP connecting.

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We think its directly related to you using your proxy.

1) updates happen account wise ~30min intervals to make sure given account is still able to download, and to provide the interface with semi accurate data (data left to download etc)

2) re:proxy

3) we do this but sparingly within plugin source. As you can understand it's not practical for us to rewrite all our plugins for the odd person with problems. A retry within the core would be beneficial for sure, though most traditional web browsers do not send multiple requests when a socket issue occurs. Non that I'm aware of.

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