Thread: [User feedback required] Ryushare: says file is offline (but it's not)
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All ryushare links are shown as being offline in jdownloader, no matter how many times I add them. I've tried the 'check online status' on the same links a few times and they still always return back as offline.

I'm not sure why a login from the browser resolves this issue but not a login from jdownloader. Perhaps the browser accepts a cookie that the plug-in doesn't? Or maybe ryushare is doing something to specifically identify and block downloaders?

I've only used a browser-based proxy to spoof my ip to another country, but I guess to test the same with jdownloader you would need a whole-system vpn/proxy.

Is there a way to have jdownloader IGNORE the status of the file and try the download anyway? It's possible it'll work. The php-based checked mentioned before does show the files as being online, so could we use that method instead in the plug-in?
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