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Default Premiumize - "Daily Limit reached"-message not handled properly

I hope this is the proper section for MOCH-problems, as it's a JD2-only feature.
If not, please move this thread.


When Premiumize is responding with a "daily limit reached"-message, JD2 is not switching to a different way of downloading (premium-account, free user or just showing a waiting-timer), but instead keeps on retrying every second.

Here's the error-log:
--ID:584TS:1429972342941-4/25/15 4:32:22 PM -  [jd.http.Browser(loadConnection)] -> 
{"result":null,"statusmessage":"Daily limit reached for this host!","status":0}

--ID:584TS:1429972342941-4/25/15 4:32:22 PM -  [jd.plugins.hoster.PremiumizeMe(handleAPIErrors)] -> PremiumizeMe Exception: statusCode: 0 statusMessage: Daily limit reached for this host!
--ID:584TS:1429972342941-4/25/15 4:32:22 PM -  [] -> jd.plugins.PluginException: DB connection problem
	at jd.plugins.hoster.PremiumizeMe.handleAPIErrors(
	at jd.plugins.hoster.PremiumizeMe.handleMultiHost(
	at jd.plugins.PluginForHost.handle(
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