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Yes, exactly!

When I go to the file in JD, right lick -> settings -> open in browser I get to the filecrypt page, scroll down to the exact same file -> download -> forwarded to site and after another captcha, I can download it manually.

PS: I did another test. I copied the filecrypt link from jd to my browser. I deleted the whole package in JD and re-added it. In the link collector, the files are marked online. But as soon as I move them to download, they fail. There seems to be something wrong with either filecrypt oder turbobit plugin. I'm not sure yet where the root of the problem is.

PPS: Weird, I repeated that once again, now JD tries to download some links. That's odd. Looks like the filecrypt plugin is not stable for some reason...

PPPS: Maybe that is important, I don't do captchas manually at all. I have disabled the build in captcha engine and forward everything to

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