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1. What is difference between file menu commands: restore JD and restart
Restart cleanly exits JD and then starts it again.
Restore cleanly exits JD, checks the files that JD uses and restores any that are incorrect, and then starts JD again.

2. Do these delete half downloaded packages?
No. When a file starts downloading, it is saved with an extra extension ".part". This means the file is incomplete. The Links List, including Packages is saved in a database. You can back-up this database by typing Ctrl+B.

3. How to restart JD keeping half downloaded packages and Linkgrabber panel content?
JDownloader does not save the contents of the Linkgrabber when you exit. See the next question.

4. Is there other options but save one by one all Linkgrabber packages to keep these when closing and restarting JD?
To save the Linkgrabber contents, highlight all links (or all packages), right click, and select "Create DLC". This will create a container file containing your links in an encrypted form. You can then use Add Container to reload the Linkgrabber contents.

Another approach is to disable the Linkgrabber contents and then use Continue with All. When you decide you want to download one of the links/packages you Enable it.
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