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Originally Posted by Purpose Rapisho View Post
Can someone please help me to make CBH solve the captchas for I've allready added it to the jacinfo.xml but I still have to solve them manually.
Big thx.
please make sure that

* you added the host name in jacinfo.xml alphabetically correct place
* there is no other method with jacinfo.xml containing the same host name
* you restarted JDownloader after modifying jacinfo.xml

any hoster/captcha will work with CBH if the settings are correct.

to check it : after modifying settings as described above, open up CBH method directory. like ../JDownloader/jd/captcha/methods/CaptchaBrotherhood . delete input.jpg file if exists there. then put a link of that hoster on JDownloader, when JD processes that link and shows the captcha on JD interface, JD should also put a file named input.jpg on the directory. if JD doesn't put the captcha in that directory as input.jpg, then there is something wrong with settings.
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