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Originally Posted by lelim View Post
hi everyone
after frequent complains for " is not working" , i tried and also i couldn't get it work. after looking at the jd log, it says that "there is no method for recaptcha". so i did add "recaptcha" to jacinfo.xml and restarted jd. it charmly works now for
please dont put any .com or .net, just insert "recaptcha" as a hoster name in jacinfo.xml in correct place and it should work. this is part of my jacinfo.xml, where "recaptcha" is inserted


i believe that jd tries to find a captcha method for site "recaptcha" for some specific, hardcoded sites. and if thats true, i believe that developers should remove that in upcoming version. and if its true, please name other hosters here too, so we can know that they require "recaptcha" also...
I can confirm that this method works like a charm. Thanks.
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