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Originally Posted by Maximus1a View Post
hi there,
can someone tell me something about the develpment status?
is this tool/service still alive?

which servers are supported?
most captchas here are not recognized by catcha brotherhood.

i write it here because my postcount is to low to send it to the user lelim.


cbh is still alive
all servers in your jacinfo.xml file are supported.
just put these servers to jacinfo.xml alphabetically, and also put "recaptcha" as a service, and restart jd. they should work. if not, contact me for further assistance.

i think i must deliver a very large jacinfo.xml on next version, since many people complaining about unsupported servers. in fact, there is no concept of "supporting x server" since captchas are sent to real people.

let me summarize the general steps to get a servers' captchas solved by CBH again :

1. put that service on alphabetically correct place in jacinfo.xml file under "...<jdownloader install folder>/jd/captcha/methods/captchabrotherhood" folder
2. make sure that mentioned jacinfo.xml file also contains "recaptcha" as a server name on alphabetically correct place.
3. make sure that no other methods' jacinfo.xml file contain any server that exist in jacinfo.xml of captchabrotherhood
4. restart jdownloader.
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