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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
Should be working fine. Here is the script used for testing, which has the same folder settings provided in your example. Please note the source folder string is case-sensitive, as commented in the script.

    Move downloaded non-archive files to user-specified folder
    Trigger: A Download Stopped

if (link.finished && !link.archive) {
    var downloadFolder = link.package.downloadFolder;
    var newFolder = downloadFolder.split("F:\\!Downloads\\JDownloader2\\").join("F:\\!Downloads\\JDownloader2\\_COMPLETE\\");// case-sensitive

    if (newFolder != downloadFolder) {

I'm so sorry but it's just not working for me. :(

I have an F$ drive mapped to F:

The file downloads to:

F:\!Downloads\JDownloader2\MovieName\Movie.mkv, preserving the structure so it actually creates the \MovieName subfolder in the F:\!Downloads\JDownloader2 folder as expected.

When the download is finished, I am expecting the entire MovieName\Movie.mkv to move to:


It's not doing that though. MovieName\Movie.mkv just stays in F:\!Downloads\JDownloader2.

I do have the JDownloader2 Event Scripter for this event set to "A download stopped"

:( I really appreciate your time!
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