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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
yes dont use force start, its designed to be used over and above current download settings (assuming you can start more based on hard set values within plugin source code)
The problem is I can't click the start icon in the toolbar..
Basically I can't do the normal start
because in my downloads list there is like 1TB of links..

if I did that it would download the entire download list
-which would be way too many downloads..
-take forever to reach the package I want.
-and fill up my hard disk with 1TB of data.

There should be some sort of setting as a feature so we can limit the max simultaneous download per hoster etc..even if we force start a package..

The problem is often times we might have so many links we collected in the download list
which we maybe want to download some other time/day, but we want to start download a particular package immediately now.
The only way this can be done is to Force start that package.
But then it overrides the max sim. download per hoster setting which would not be good cos many hosters implement max amount of simultaneous download.

IF possible, please unmarked this as solved,
and add that feature request.

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