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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
how jd is meant to be used
queue > you press start download > it processes the list based on priority levels and order of queue.
force start can be used in stop mode or over and above currenct max con settings when started. Though it still respects hard settings within plugin source code.

You will need to use priority functions to process those downloads, and set a stop mark at the position of the queue you want to stop at. I just don't see JDownloader been redesigned for your use case.

Are you sure I am the only one that does this though?
I am pretty sure I am not a lone case..

There are many times where we have collected many links which end up in the download list which we don't want to start downloading immediately...
but will eventually do it another time..

Is this behaviour so odd and irrational behaviour from users of jdownloader?

If we do the normal start it would go through the entire list.
This is not a problem if the download list is small
but it is a problem if we have collected many links.

I am not asking for much, but if there is some sort of advance setting or whatever that we can set for Force Start Max Simultaneous downloads per hoster etc..

This would be good for people like me (who have collected many links in a our download lists).
I am certain I am not the only one that uses jdownloader this way.

There's no reason why Force Start should download a max of 5 files per hoster in the first place..
This seems way too high for many hosters rules/limitations that they set.

Maybe Jiaz or a developer can comment in this thread of what I suggest would be good to see what they have to say.


Even under normal circumstances (not my case), when a user wants to download a particular package immediately, by Force Start that package..

It does not mean that that user may want it to start download 5 files simultaneously from that hoster..
This will usually just result in the hoster stopping the partial downloaded file and starting a new file...since they tend to not like users maxing out the connection (considering that the user is already downloading simultaneous chunks from that hoster already) so they will not let you download 5 files simultaneously from them..

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