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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
I can probably count on one hand how many times I have read about this (change how core queue behaviour of JDownloader). This is usually due to the lack of understanding of existing features or unaware of existing features.

In respects to force start number, there is ability to define that in advanced setting 'GeneralSettings.maxforceddownloads'.
You can also define the ability to set max sim dl per hoster in advanced setting 'GeneralSettings.domainrules'

Jiaz will say the same thing I will force start isn't meant to be used in this fashion. But sure please wait until Monday and he most likely will respond.

Actually I never asked for any "change how core queue behaviour of JDownloader"

Just asking for a way to set the max simultaneous downloads of a force start package due to the issue of hosters I used not allow me to download 5 simultaneous downloads..

This "advanced setting 'GeneralSettings.maxforceddownloads'" is a good work around solution to at least enforce 3 max downloads per package..

Though if that package had multiple hosters, then I can't download from other hosters..since only 3 downloads can occur per package.

A better advance setting that could be implemented is

Hope this gets implemented in a future update
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