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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
I can help with plugin changes. Are those different URLs or one and the file is PNG-DATA chunks?
In case it is one large file, then I would recommend to download the file and then post process it to remove the png chunks
Best would be you contact me via
All the chunks are seperate files and available from different URLs, which are composed from a common base and with the specific chunk name appended ("mp4_0.part0", "mp4_1.part1", ...). Those chunk names are available as "v-bind:playlist" in the page output as a JSON Array (similar to the existing "v-bind:stream", just as an array). The current revision of the plugin just hardcodes "mp4_0.part0".

For the chunk format, the only thing that has to be removed from each chunk file is the first 120 bytes (which due to the file magic I assume is a PNG file, but that's not really important). Everything after those 120 bytes (i.e. everything from offset 0x78 up to the end of the file) is real data that should end up unchanged in the output file.

Regarding the post-processing, do you have any examples for that on hand?

I'll happily send you an E-Mail (I assume that helps with keeping the bug report clean), in case you deem IRC more fit for communicating I'm also online there.
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