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Originally Posted by remi View Post
If 600,000K of memory means 600,000Kb of memory it might be OK because the default maximum memory jD can use is 512MB. You can increase this if you have a very large number of links in your download queue.

My jD only uses a few percentages of my old CPU. 50% isn't normal unless you've a PC dating of the previous century.
yeah it would have been 600,000Kb I guess (just the number it tells me in event manager), but I dont really think this is a problem in itself because just looking at task manager now I have both firefox and photoshop taking over 1,000,000K, and they arent causing the cpu to go into overdrive.

the 50% cpu thing however I dont want to see happen too often, maybe my java version was the cause, I will try version 21 and hopefuly that solves the matter.

it seems fine now though if it keeps happening I will do the log.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
did you download from mediafire? or have some mediafire links in list that jd tried to load?
yeah, I was downloading from mediafire at the time, and also (the reason I left it on actually) had JD loading(decoding?) a whole string of links from mediafire.
for some reason mediafire links take a very long time to parse sometimes (and often return as offline even when they are not).

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