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Originally Posted by remi View Post

A wireless network can cause more problems than a wired one.

If you can download the same files in your browser without errors, then the problem might be caused by your virus.

Allow java and javaw in your firewall and virus software. Disable (or un-install) the html/web download scanner in your virus software.
Is wired, Firewall is disabled.

I checked about viruses, but found nothing atm. I will try with the http scanner

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Avast Free = AVG?
if so please disable the linkchecker cause it is known to cause crc errors!
No, avast free is avast free, not avg ^^

Still depends on what files you download.
It happens so that files can be Spurious application, malware or crack for a program or game
An antivirus program may prevent the download to finish.
I know that the files are ok, and the download finish without problem, but the result after i merge the parts, is always a corrupted iso.
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