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Default Instalation freezes

Hello everyone,

I've been using jdownloader for about a year i think, and never had problems with it, until my brother started using it.
He basicly know how to use paint, and that's basicly what he knows about computers, even if he is 25 years old

In the second day of my brother's usage of jdownloader, he did something that deleted the mp3 download files. they didn't show up, I restarted jdownloader, and nothing, I searched everything on the panel, and nothing, so I thought, I will just re-install it... big mistake.

It was about 2 weeks ago when I tried to re-install it, and since then, when I am on the instalation part, it freezes, gives a message, and dissapears.
After that, nothing happens, no matter what.

I tried downloading from different places, and it makes the same thing...

I have an important filming contest, and i need jdownloader urgently.

So can anyone help me solving this problem? :s

The message before the instaltion crashes:

Thanks for youre atention,

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