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Default Having slow speeds with k2s

I'm having slow speeds in JDownloader.

My speeds are jumping from 150 kb/s to 200 kb/s, normally I am at over 800 kb/s.

I'm pretty sure it's something to to with my computer not my internet or JD.
I'm using my new Desktop Computer for the first time, I was using my old PC earlier and everything was fine. I think it's just a setting I need to change, but I did put everything the same.

I've tried changing the chunks 1,3,5,20 the same thing happens.

Tried downloading K2S links directly from browser is still slow about 150-200kb/s. But regular links from random sites browser speed seems ok.

Thought it might have something to do with a firewall or something.
But I did turn off my firewall to see the speeds and it didn't make a difference.

I'm not a genius with computers but any help would be nice thanks!

05.08.18 01.12.38 <--> 05.08.18 01.12.38 jdlog://7176164433151/
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