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Well, already ran into an issue. The script removes finished links, but does nothing else. The web gui would not allow me to import, so I used the Android app to do so. That resulted in the following:

[ {
  "enabled" : true,
  "name" : "Move Completed Downloads",
  "script" : "if (link.finished) {var destinationFolder = \"/home/seedit4me/drive/debrid/\"; getPath(link.downloadPath).moveTo(destinationFolder); link.remove(); }",
  "eventTriggerSettings" : {
    "isSynchronous" : false
  "id" : 1603194963402
} ]
It would appear the path variable is being truncated by the script engine when it saves it to the JSON settings file. I went to edit the JSON and when I tried to remove those extra slashes; they seemingly commented out the rest of the script.
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