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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
Yes. It is also possible to use eventscripter method to delete the source file if/after it is successfully copied.

// Move downloaded files to user-specified folder and remove the link from download list
// Trigger: A Download Stopped

if (link.finished) {
    var destinationFolder = getPath("/home/seedit4me/drive/debrid/" +;
    var copied = getPath(link.downloadPath).copyTo(destinationFolder);

    if (copied) {
I've tried. I copied this without changing a damn thing. Inputted it into the GUI, then opened the script.json file and parsed that through JSON Pretty to make sure that everything was okay and the script still won't work. Not on linux and now not in the windows GUI. I'm assuming there's just too many environment variables from the OS itself that are changing. It's too frustrating. I have spent the better part of two weeks trying to get this to function, and just when I feel like I'm making progress; everything rolls back. I give up. Thanks anyways guys.
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