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Originally Posted by hansm View Post
I also use FlashGot. and in the picture that you uploaded you can chose to ALT+Click and the link is send to JD2.
Thanks for the advice, but I already knew this. The FlashGot extension comes with that option turned on and as you can see from my picture, I turned it off. The reason is, I use the alt. key for other purposes and when using that function with JD, it puts for example, ten .part.rar files, into ten separate packages, instead of one. My preferred way of using FlashGot with JD, is to use "ctrl tab" to switch between tabs quickly and hit left click to get to the direct download links. Then, use "FlashGot Tabs" to add them to JD. I've made a rule to grab only links with "stream" in it, to filter out any extra stuff FlashGot grabs or if FlashGot accidentally adds the original URL, versus the direct link. This way is quicker than the method you use and it puts all my files into one package. My question wasn't for FlashGot or shortcut keys, it was for me to just use left click alone. Thanks again for the advice, I appreciate the effort.
I don't fight the system, but I do play fighting games on it. PS4 to be exact. On second thought, sometimes it won't work right and I have to hit it a couple of times before it's fixed. So technically, I do fight the system.

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