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Default Improve highdpi displays


I use JD2 on windows 7 with HiDPI [200%]. With that setting fonts get cut off.

The pictures below show what happens as JD2 is starting up.

picture #1: jd2 starts at a default size which causes text to get cut off "Downloads" "Linkgrabber"

picture #2: jd2 continues loading and resizes the tabs. The text for "Downloads" "Linkgrabber" are not adjusted and are still cut off. The third tab "Settings" gets added after resize and that text is not cut off.

picture #3: jd2 finished loading and text still cut off.

There is a second problem that is shown in picture #4. The text for speed limiter is cut off. The red text is trying to show "SpeedLimit: 1.00 MB/s". With smaller dpi "SpeedLimit" text can fit while set at different height from other 2 text "average" "current". For high dpi can all 3 text be set on same line and just make graph wider?
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