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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Thanks for the detailed feedback. Now I have a better understanding.
Does JDownloader auto reconnect when you have enabled downloading via free(no account) mode?
The account should be temp. disabled, then JDownloader should try again via free(no account) and then reconnect. Does this work as described ?

The probem consists of two parts.
1.) reconnect if required
2.) auto refresh the accounts after reconnect
Ok my situation is quite the same of kilovictorlima.
Poit 1 e 2 are the same
point 3 e 4 e 5 must be substituted with a simple refresh of all free account befor restarting download
point 6 e 7 are the same

For Jiaz i can say that reconnection is automated when in the rules there is first the free accounts and the when they remain blocked for traffic limits there is the rule of free download without account; this that made possible the reconnection.
But after the reconnection normally the free accounts do not refresh and remain blocked and you must do it manually; otherwise you will download only with accountless rule at very low speed and only one download at time.

excuse me for my english
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