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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Thanks for the detailed feedback. Now I have a better understanding.
Does JDownloader auto reconnect when you have enabled downloading via free(no account) mode?
No, it doesn't.
The account should be temp. disabled, then JDownloader should try again via free(no account) and then reconnect. Does this work as described ?
I tried, but continuous reconnections almost bricked my router...
The probem consists of two parts.
1.) reconnect if required
2.) auto refresh the accounts after reconnect
Exactly. From my findings
1) Reconnection isn't triggered because a wait time is generated; I don't know how JD detects wait times and handles them, but previous behaviour worked like a charm. A way could be to detect high wait times (> 5 mins)?
2) Before, it was instant. Now a wait time of several tenths of seconds occurs, which I think misleads JD behaviour of reconnection script triggering.

Could posting a log help you?


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