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Default Help with DepFile

I don't understand how the Depfile setup works, can someone try and explain it to me?

I can go in and add a bunch of links. I do so by opening the depfile page to the file, I copy the URL out of the browser bar. JDownloader says it adds it, no problem, and the page loaded fine(no "out of downloads message"). After I've queued a bunch up, and then tell it to start the downloads, it sometimes gives me the skipped-account missing error. If I go back and reload the page, Depfile tells me that I am over limit.

What I don't get, it seems like using the top level link for the depfile page causes JDownloader to hit it like it's a new page when I initiate the download. i.e. depfile counts it as 2 against the limit, once when I initially open the page, and once when I tell Jdownloader to start the transfers. I havent' tested it, but maybe using the 24 hour link generated by the page will prevent this as long as I download within that period?

It just doesn't make sense to me why I can open the depfile page, get the link and it's fine, but then when I tell Jdownloader to start the transfers, now I'm over the limit, not unless the Jdownloader transfer attemps are counting as seperate files each time.

Is anyone else running into that/can confirm any of this for me?
Thank you
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