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Well, that was I just tried it, I do know depfile doesn't reset your counter at some point a day, the track downloads throughout the day and literally reset any given use 24 hours later.

So I was able to just go copy and paste 10 URLs, I copies one through the link obscurer, and 9 through depfile, copied out of the address bar after following the link obscurer to the actual depfile page. All the links copied in to Jdownloader fine, and I could see the depfile pages fine.

I then told JD2 to do the transfer, got the skipped account. Apparently 10 put me back at the limit, because now I can't see any of the pages, and obvious JD2 wasn't able to download any. Unfortunately, I didn't think I was that close to the limit so I didn't grab any of the 24 hour URLs. Also oddly, depfile is saying the limit is 100 URLs to me.
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