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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
What exactly is limited? Transfer limit or download/download attemps?
Download via Browser still works?
Well, depfile calls it a URL limit. Like they will only serve you 100 or 150 URLs per day. But it seems like if I open the URL in a browser, and copy that URL, when JD2 goes to transfer the file, it considers that a seperate URL.

No, downlad via browser fails because it says my account has hit the limit of URLs they will serve for the 24 hour period. It's a sliding window though, not a reset at some specific time. As long as the count of URLs they serve is below the threshold, it'll send you the file. I *think* you can download from that URL as many times as you want in that day and it doesn't penalize you, if you use the 24 hour one, at least that's my theory. Which I think implies I should probably use the 24 hour links instead of the link to the depfile page (I think reloading the page causes a new 24 hour link to be generated and counts as a URL Served).

I was just trying to see if anyone else had validated it. Depfile support has been really difficult to communicate with when trying to understand how their system works.
Thank you!
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