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Originally Posted by womprpg View Post
First of all, thank you for developer who create Jdownloader I do like it.

For you guys who looking for solution, thank god I have found the answer this is my solution. must have firefox(ff)
2.please install flashgot plugin
3.once you are in ff interface click tools->flashgot->more options
In general tab please select Jdownload in download manager box
!!please untick autostart download!!
In flashgot media tab also select Jdownload

Done with Setting!

Implication now
when your link shows as offline in JD
try to browse those links by firefox and select all the links you desire then right click select either flashgot link or falshgot selection these should send all links directly to JD grab with online status.

It's currently work for me, and hope it will work for you as well

finally, hope for the best and looking forward for developer to solve this issue by JD itself

with regards,

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
jdownloader does handle the domain automatic and works for every available filesonic domain
This has been the problem I've been having since I posted here. Despite the new updates, I cannot download from filesonic if I tick the autostart download option in the first tab of Flashgot. I have to always Flashgot link and initiate from the Linkgrabber. I've already sent in my log and my example file but no one seems to have resolved this.