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Default Download Problem With Rapidgator Premium

Hello to all. When I attempt to download a Rapidgator file with a premium password, the download will not start. When I start the download from the LinkGrabber tab, the file does not start on the Downloads tab. Instead, the link hust sits there. All columns are blank except Name and Size. I have to click Force Download foer the link to start. It acts like its going to start and a symbol will show in the Connection column for a split-second, and then it stops and says "An Error occured (Rapidgator) File not found." In the Availability column, it has the red symbol for not available and 0/1. Bytes Loaded column has 0b. If I click Open in Browser, the file shows that it is available. If i click Online Status, all columns except for Name and Size go blank. Weird, right?
Copy of my log, sir.
23.03.18 07.44.31 <--> 23.03.18 07.44.24 jdlog://4300654433151/

Thanks for your time.
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