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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Rapidgator API responds with "File Not found"
Either this is an error on api site (you can disable it in Settings-Plugins-rapidgator) or caused by *maybe IP block* or *account block* ?
Hey, thanks for getting back to me. I looked among the forum and tried some of the methods for the other Rapigator problems. I played around with Plugin buttons. Tried disabling the API as well as activated and disabling the Experimentals. Its funny the way it acts. I have been attempting to d/l some Rapidagtor links and they do work, but only after skipping/disabling the link and then Forcestarting link. Hell, I've gotten lucky and d/led several files at once. Then it starts its cycle again. Its just a pain in the ass, sometimes. Hey, I do appreciate your help, though.

Thank So Much:thumbup:
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