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Unhappy Too Many Links

Hello, I use JDownloader 2 to download files in bulk for my website. I have accumulated about 784k completed links in the Downloads tab. I don't want to delete them because, if I add the same links to the linkgrabber, it will tell me that I have downloaded them already and I can delete those links.

The problem is JDownloader is very hard to use now. It is using 100% CPU and most of my memory whenever I try to download new files.

Things I've tried:
- Moving all the completed links to one package named Old
- Disabling completed links
- Increasing GeneralSettings: Max Buffer Size to 2048
- Increasing GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Downloads Table Refresh Interval to 3000

The result is the program is functional again but it is still using about 85% CPU and half of my memory.

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