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High number of links and high cpu sounds like JDownloader runs out of memory and spends more and more time on memory management. Can you provide a screenshot of the about dialog? It shows details about memory.

Do not increase "Max Buffer Size" as this is for download only and just increases pressure on memory even more! leave it on default.

You can modify/increase
to reduce how often the list is written to disk. It waits minimum "minimumsavedelay" after last change in list and max "maximumsavedelay".

Check about screenshot, if the first and middle numbers of memory are near the last number, then your JDownloader/java runs out of memory. In that case you can modify available memory manually. Close JD
and modify the .vmoptions file in your JDownloader folder. Remove any -Xmx and -Xms lines
and just add
to allow max 2gbyte of RAM. With that many links I would recommend at least
to allow max 4gbyte of RAM.
Please know that this only works with 64bit Java, see
Backup the complete cfg folder and then reinstall JDownloader with 64bit version and then restore the backup of cfg folder/replace the new one completely with the old one
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