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Play a Sound(Wav), Interval, the script doesn't check if the link is still in list/available
var extracting = false;
================ Check if there are running extraction processes=====================
This Script es executed in an interval of 1 second (1000 ms) and will check
the current active state. If the state changes to false, it will play a wav file

//use an API Call to get all Downloadlinks in your list
var links = callAPI("downloadsV2", "queryLinks", {
"name": true
//loop through all links
for (var i = 0; i < links.length; i++) {
//convert API Link to a Link Object
var link = getDownloadLinkByUUID(links[i].uuid);
if (link){
//check if the link is currently in extraction state
var isExtracting = link.getExtractionStatus() == "RUNNING";

if (isExtracting) {
//if it is, set variable and break the loop
extracting = true;

// We are in active state, if the Download Controller is not idle and there is no extraction running
var active = !isDownloadControllerIdle() || extracting;
//check the active value we had in the last interval
var oldActive = getProperty("active", false) == true;
if (active != oldActive) {
//active state changed
//set new active state
setProperty("active", active, false);
if (!active) {
//we have been active in the last interval and are not active any more
playWavAudio(JD_HOME + "/themes/standard/org/jdownloader/sounds/captcha.wav");
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