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Default skipped invalid destination

This has been occurring recently with only files via the premium uploaded account. This is happening randomly during the file download progress so it will stop at any given percentage and proceed to start downloading the next file in the queue. It also tends to be more prone to this issue when downloading 2 files simultaneously versus one file. When downloading these files that are generated by the multihoster plugin this issue never occurs so it is suspect specifically to uploaded.

I simply have to manually click resume and they will complete with no more issues.
My question: is there a script or method that I can add or set so that JD2 will automatically resume these files when they stop so that they complete/finish without manual intervention?


--ID:124TS:1570902041125-10/12/19 1:40:41 PM - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog

(setFinalLinkStatus)] ->|


--ID:124TS:1570902043406-10/12/19 1:40:43 PM - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog

(attach)] -> Start new Download: Use Premium: true|Host||Version:40817|Type:ORIGINAL

I'm going to try and use an event script with an auto-resume flag for partially downloaded files.

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