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Post Exclude JDownloader from VPN Connection

Hello, I've looked at all the posts I could find with search but was unable to achieve my goal as they weren't what I want to do I think.

I would like to bypass my VPN using JDownloader I believe it's the direct connection setting I need in connection manager which I've setup with my IP and also the network name. I've also unchecked no proxy as that was mentioned in one of the threads but I've tried with it checked as well. Not in the same order mind you but I did get one file to transfer. I end up getting ip not allowed with the real-debrid plugin.

My VPN provider has a split tunnel feature which I've tried adding JDownloader exe and other exes in the install folder without success which is why I'm here trying it this way.

My VPN app is currently setup to only run selected apps through the VPN which JDownloader is not selected so that's where I'm confused. I've even added all the java exe's I could find without success.

I am on Windows 10 64bit.

I mainly use real-debrid with JDownloader but I also use it for photos sometimes and other things so whitelisting real-debrid would only solve one thing.

I wasn't sure if I should put this here or in real-debrid section so apologies.

Edit: Here is a log

03.11.20 06.25.23 <--> 03.11.20 06.25.45 jdlog://9080425302851/

This one might have more info.

03.11.20 06.25.23 <--> 03.11.20 05.11.28 jdlog://2180425302851/

Here is another log with another host per real-debrid just in case it was the one host.

03.11.20 06.47.00 <--> 03.11.20 06.51.40 jdlog://6180425302851/

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