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I logged out on real-debrid site in chrome and removed the login info for real-debrid in JDownloader, then logged back into real-debrid site then added it again in JDownloader and verified the account via captcha in chrome successfully. I tried links in the DL list in JDownloader and I got the same ip not allowed status.

One thing to mention is in real-debrid device page after re adding real-debrid in JDownloader while connected to the VPN I see two mentions related to JDownloader, one being Firefox which was first then JDownloader but not immediately after.

The odd thing is Firefox has nothing to do with JDownloader to my knowledge as Chrome is my main browser and the browser I use to do the real-debrid captcha.

When visiting the ipcheck url while connected to my VPN on a browser that is being excluded from the VPN my correct main IP is shown. When visiting the url in a browser that is not excluded that's ran through the VPN I see the VPN IP. Also other apps I've excluded from the VPN are also correctly excluded outside of the VPN.

The VPN provider is ProtonVPN.

Edit: The VPN has two split tunnel options. One being allow selected apps which you select the exe's related and what's not selected will go through the VPN.

Edit: The other option is to only allow selected apps to go through the VPN and what is not selected will not use the VPN.

Update: I made a discovery. I was doing a bunch of things in different order. The last thing I did was log out of real-debrid via chrome, I then setup a direct connection in JDownloader to only use my main connection outside of the VPN tap adapter and deselected no proxy then added real-debrid account in JDownloader from scratch, there was no need to do a captcha in chrome then I started some transfers and both a and rapidgator transferred without issue.

One more thing to add I had a whole bunch of registered devices going back to 2019 in real-debrid so I removed all of them before the above mentioned was done.

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