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Question Random files from package disappear - 100% but no extraction

Hi, I am facing an issue with jdownloader2, running on my QNAP NAS together with my.jdownloader.

I add files to the linkgrabber. The correct amount of files are shown within the brackets [ ] on the package. Then I start the download for this package.

When the download is finished most of the packages are not extraced, but are shown as 100%. It's because 1 or 2 random files completly disappeared from the package. Neither there is a file on my disk, nor is an entry in the package in jdownloader for these files. Even though it was shown in linkgrabber correct. That's why it's showing 100% and no errors.

I am on #43687 atm. However, I've updated jdownloader like 10 times in the last months already. So the issue is there for a while.

So as a workaround I add the missing files or all files again when this happens (often), start download and jdownloader will unzip automatically.

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