Thread: [User feedback required] JD2/Linux, Extract RAR to external drive?
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Question JD2/Linux, Extract RAR to external drive?

Took some fidgeting around to get things lined up right, but I've finally got JD2 saving downloads outside of my Linux folder (and onto my external hard drive.) One new problem though - auto extraction of RAR files no longer works, nor does manual extraction of downloaded files. JD2 now ignores all settings and commands having to do with extracting files to the new location. I still see all necessary files in my JD2 libs folder - sevenzipbinding etc, and everything was working well before moving my " save to" and" extract to" locations to the external drive. In the settings for extractions, all the necessary boxes are checked and I'm showing a valid folder location for extractions. After finishing the download, no action follows - no extraction process, no error message.

*In the mean time, I'm quite happy on figuring out that my shared folder on the external drive was hidden away several steps deep in the Linux "mnt" folder. It's all good now for collecting my downloads, and I no longer have to spend time moving saved files out of my smaller Linux directory. And, of course I can still extract files there using a separate program.

**So my question is: Can JD2 running in Chromebook/Linux auto-extract RAR files saved to an external that same drive?

Thank you
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