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Default [Feature request] Look and feel - move to User Interface

Whenever we want to change the theme..
need to go to advance mode
type some word e.g. "look"
then we can select that theme

Then we need to click File > restart
to apply new theme
If we want to change to another theme need to do same steps again..

I think Look and Feel (or can be rename as Theme, *note : i think this is better and more simpler name)
should be moved to the main User Interface section.
so that we can easily change the theme/Look and feel
and upon selection of new theme we can get prompted to Restart now/ Later etc..

Also not everyone knows they can change theme under advance settings...
but they would if it was under User Interface

Currently the settings/buttons that are in User Interface..
I have hardly touch at all ever since I have used JD2.
while theme changing is missing from this section which is unintuitive and should not be buried under advance settings.

Many programs that offer theme changing put that setting under something like User Interface section etc..

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