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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
I'm sorry but at the moment we only official support the default theme.
That's the reason why all other themes are *hidden* in advanced settings and must be installed separately (Restart dialog...because the theme has to be installed first).

As long as we don't provide support for other themes, it doesn't make much sense in making them easier to access/change.
The other themes might have size/gui/layout/colour issues and thus making it easier to change will just result in more support and unhappy user when we tell them that those issues won't be fixed in near/far future.

As a follow up suggestion/request..

How about make a setting checkbox that can be enabled in advance setting under Look and Feel setting

Advance setting (checkbox)
-Show "Look and Feel" in User interface.

That way for advanced users they can enable this setting and it will only show this setting for them in User Interface..
You can even the disclaimer in the theme setting...
-No support will be provided for any unofficial theme other than Default theme.

This would be good compromise for advanced users who like to change their themes a lot, and not need to keep going through all those steps above...
And for regular users, they would not even know the theme setting exists in User Interface.


In regards to your concern about getting lots more support questions about any issues with any of the unofficial themes..

While the concern is legitimate.. I think the fear is somewhat overblown..
mainly because a lot of people understand the concept of themes nowadays
due to many operating systems .e.g Windows 10 implemented it..

They know that changing a theme will make it look different in font, color, icons etc..
and they know if they don't like a particular theme they can download a different theme.. or just revert back to the default theme..

I don't think you will suddenly get 100s of support questions about a particular unofficial theme...

You could put a disclaimer under the "theme" setting
-No official support will be provided for any themes except for the Default one etc..

Users who change the themes from the default one will be made aware of this.

Also you probably regularly get questions about how do I change the JD2 theme..
Then someone on here probably answer do it in advance settings > look and feel

So at least this would stop those sort of questions..

And how many of those users have come back and asked support for any of those unofficial themes after being made aware of the advance setting?

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